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Choosing books for your Accelerated Reader package can be time-consuming and fraught with problems. Book availability, suitability for pupils, new editions and price changes are all areas of possible concern, not to mention calculating if the books, labels and covers fall within your budget.

Chameleon Books at Peterborough can help you by taking ALL of these problems off your shoulders - freeing up YOUR time to do the things you do best - helping your pupils.

We have a dedicated Accelerated Reader showroom section. This groups all of the books that we have for the program into one area. When you come to us, you will be able to browse books that are not only divided into Book Level, but also further sub-divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction, and then Early/Middle Years (for Primary age children) and Middle/Late years (for Secondary age children).

No more worrying if a title at Book Level 2 or 3 is suitable for late years pupil. There are plenty that arenít and, more importantly for senior schools, many that are!

If you cannot visit us at the showroom, which is just by the A1(M), then we can do the legwork for you using our Accelerated Reader section. Simply email, phone or fax us (contact details below) with your requirements and we can briefly discuss your needs

For example, you might wish to spend, say £600 in total; including book jacketing and AR labelling; and split 70%/30% between fiction and non-fiction, and then further split between book levels 3,4 and 5 at the ratio 25%/25%/50%.

We will check stock availability and pricing within those parameters and send you a suggested order that matches your request as closely as we can. You can then either just reply with a simple go ahead, or ask us to change titles where you may already have stock at your school.


We can help schools new to the Accelerated Reader program, who may find choosing a starting book package slightly daunting, or aid experienced users who just want to eliminate the hassle of sourcing books.

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